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The recent explosive growth of transactional information and applications over the Web has led to a very real concern for IT managers - how to address the processing bottleneck in Web and application servers. For service-oriented architectures (SOAs) that use XML to bridge the transfer of information across disparate technologies, this processing bottleneck may hinder the deployment and adoption of XML standards and Web services. The fundamental basis for Web services starts at the lowest level, standardization of protocols and data formats. The XML standard is the chosen data standard for many good reasons including being human readable, hierarchical, and extensible, but because of it's verbosity it is inefficient for machine-to-machine interaction. In many cases, the computer resources needed to process XML datasets in an enterprise can consume as much as 80% of ... (more)

Parallel Processing for the Real-Time Enterprise

Service orientation, Web services, self-describing data, loosely coupled applications - choose your favorite term. The enterprise IT world is moving inexorably towards architectures that will allow rapid development of applications that provide real differentiated value to their businesses. The goal is a virtualized, real-time, extensible enterprise architecture that can quickly offer new functionality, yet integrates easily with legacy assets. This architecture must be reliable, extensible, and manageable. It must offer the highest performance for peak loads, yet not be oversized... (more)

Integrated PaaS/IaaS Technology Complements Your Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service are technologies that are fast becoming integrated, and this is good news for enterprises looking to implement private, public or hybrid clouds. The availability of resources on-demand through companies like Amazon and Google has provided developers with the ability to quickly define a scalable and highly available infrastructure to develop and deploy applications. The availability of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) means that anyone can provision servers, storage and networking in the cloud with a high level of configurab... (more)